I’ve Received an Offer, Now What?

If you’ve received an offer on your property, first of all Congratulations! Not every property qualifies for an offer from Mr.Buyer, so you’re already ahead of the rest! Now you may have some questions on the process, the offer, or making a decision between more than one offer. In some cases your property may qualify for multiple offers. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below and our Offer comparison chart below:

List With RealtorMr.Buyer™
Cash Offer
Concierge Program
Tax BenefitsBest Tax Savings
Final Sales PriceUnknownHighest Price Paid
How does this process works?

Step 1: We have a short consult call with you to evaluate the property over the phone.
Step 2: We all agree to price/terms, then sign a new formal purchase agreement.
Step 3: We immediately go into escrow, begin our due diligence process, and work towards getting you your check!

How long does this process takes?

Generally 3-6 weeks, but with COVID now it may take a little longer. Our goal is a fast closing.

Could you send me some info on your company?

We are a Florida based Real Estate Investment company with branches in key states including Oregon, Florida and California. We buy nationally. There is a lot of information about our company on our website, including video testimonials, about us, and a lot more at www.MrBuyer.com We have an average of 5-Star ranking on Google you can find online, and a 5 Star ranking on BBB for Florida where we are headquartered. Always best to just give us a call and get to know our team firsthand!

Which title company do you use?

We always close with a reputable title company or closing attorney certified and based in the state the property is located. Doing business this way protects all parties and offers transparency.

How did you come up with this offer price?

We use many data factors including County Assessed Values, zoning status, property condition, location. We are human and although many times we get it right, sometimes we miss the mark. Let us have a conversation that will allow us to flush out all the details that impact the value of your property.

Why do you have to do due diligence after we sign and not before?

Its the norm that due diligence is done after a purchase agreement is signed because there is oftentimes extensive time and cost to inspect the property which is a cost and risk for the buyer. It doesn’t make sense to spend this amount of money and time until the seller has established they are ready, willing, and able to sell at terms agreeable to both parties.

I’m not gonna live that long for the payments, why would I need that term?

Is there someone in your family that you love very much that you would like this to pass on to when God calls you home?

How do i know you will continue to make payments?

We close all our properties in a registered reputable title company and would provide a deed and mortgage that is recorded in public records which ensures legally you are due the payments. We do extensive research into calculating our payments to ensure that it makes sense financially for both parties for the term of the transaction. It wouldn’t make sense not to make payments something we’ve invested significantly in time and money in it.

I’m not sure which option is best for me, Cash or Owner Financing..

Everybody’s situation is different, thats why we offer multiple offers to better suite your needs, only you and your family/situation can determine whats best. Owner Financing allows us to pay you the highest possible sales price for your property. Cash Offer is something you may need quick money for something now. You decide whats best. Welcome to call our office to discuss.

Is this a scam?

No. We just are a “convenience” buyer that makes it easy for you to cash out your property and move on, without having to find the right realtor, wait months for offers, a potential buyer, and pay huge commissions and closing costs.

Why shouldn’t I just list with a realtor?

You absolutely can! The difference with working with us is that you do not need to list your parcel and wait months before you get an offer. You also avoid paying crazy agent commissions!

What type of properties do you buy?

At MrBuyer.com we buy all types of houses, mobile homes, land, lots, and multi-family. Large houses, small houses, condos, inherited properties, fixer-uppers, turn keys, tear downs, homes in need of extensive repair, houses damaged by weather, foreclosures & even tenant & squatter occupied homes. We make it our goal to offer you a fair Price for your home and guarantee satisfaction when working with us. No matter your reason for wanting to sell your house we have the experience and resources to buy your house in a fast and efficient way you will be more than happy with. We have helped many people in your situation and look forward to taking the hassle and headache out of what may seem to be a monumental task.

Where do you buy these properties?

MrBuyer.com buys property nationwide, all over the continental USA. Please contact us today to receive an offer on your uniqe property. Call us at 844-5-SELL-IT

What condition does the property have to be in

We will buy the property in any condition. We’ve seen everything so don’t be embarrassed if your property is not in great (or even good) shape. Even if your home is in need of massive repair work, we will still buy your home at no cost to you whatsoever. At MrBuyer, we’ve bought property that was fire damaged, water damaged, termite damaged, cat-homes, dog-homes, Condemned homes, property needing complete renovations, and property in drop-dead-geargous condition.

What price will you pay?

Our goal is to allow the seller to receive the highest possible amount for their property while still having the purchase make sense as an investment. We are seeking a Win-Win situation! More often than not, a seller can net MORE MONEY by selling to US than by listing the property and selling with a realtor. Call us for an explanation 844-5-SELL-IT. Or sign up here to get a CASH OFFER on your home/property. Each and every house and neighborhood is unique! We typically pay the As-Is value of the house less our cost to repair or upgrade the home to what we feel is the current market standard. Call now 844-5-SELL-IT. We’ll ask a few questions about the house and it’s current condition so we can get you that cash offer!

Who will pay the closing costs?

We will pay all closing costs associated with the transaction. Working with us will not cost you one dime out of pocket, as we will pay for everything. Unlike traditional real estate agents we do not charge you anything and there are no fees or commissions associated with the transaction. We cover commissions, closing costs, and all fees normally associated with a real estate purchase. You keep 100% of the offer we make on your home.

What if I owe more than the property is worth

We can still purchase your house even if you owe more than it’s worth. We have a complete system that will assist you in a successful short sale and have had a lot of success with them. Please call us at 844-5-SELL-IT for more info regarding this.

My house is facing foreclosure, can you still buy my house?

Yes! And not only will we buy your house, but we can help you avoid any damage to your credit. You can get more information by calling us directly at 844-5-SELL-IT

If you make me an offer, am I legally obliged to take it?

Absolutely not. There is no obligation at all for you. The offer we make on your home does not have any legal obligation for you to take it. It is 100% free and can give you a good idea of what you can make should you choose to accept it. You may even decide to save it for a later date if your circumstances aren’t right at this time.

Are you realtors and do I have to pay a Commission?

No, we are private investors, and you will pay no fees or commissions. Our service is free. You can learn more about us here on our website.

How long will it take to close the transaction and get my cash?

It takes roughly 7 days to close the transaction but we can move quicker if it is necessary. You can also let us know the settlement date that works for you.

Why should I do business with you?

Because we’re honest and we will do what we say we’re going to do. We’ve done hundreds of transactions and can get the job done. You can check our reviews online at https://mrbuyer.net/reviews

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